Sunday, 3 February 2019


after many little and large passages of Luumlunicae and Alphazaer....the tiny manling experienced an awakening.. Like Dreaming Awake beyond Dull Delirium..

For many Turnings the gnome Pseuda Pondi walked like One Liberated...but then the other gnomes came and forced him to sleep , eat ..and  Observe Orbit ...then he found himself becoming Dull and Drunk again...ah...but still ..the little Mushroom Man would remember his Strange Sleep...

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

drawing for mother

a drawing i made for my mother..soon to post it via a courier service...
I Remember..for a Long Time I was unable to appreciate my mother..since 2001 and the Collapsis of twin towers I have been mostly Out to they say..
I Knew..without knowing..without being able to Phrase it..I knew that after Collapsis ..Amoricae would Open the Gates of Retaliation..

so in the aftermath of all of this ..I found myself entering and leaving the Mental Institution in my Home a comically black and white movie run at high speed..committed...medicated ..restrained..absolved ..then relapsis..back and forth..doors slamming...
this comical view of tribulations I have borrowed from Umberto Ecos book Focaults is my Holy Book to speak..

these days and nights I am truly fond of my sons we might forget the One who gave us Life and Limb...but a mother will remember and hope for her sons...not much more to write..just need to extend this grey blobbyborder all the it All comes across as Reasonably Aesthetic..

Friday, 25 January 2019

the Mythi Benevalanza

noctis immering

the Orbium is spinning tilted as it dance around Sunna..we are so many....someone claimed there are Soul Collectives incarnated...always eager to recuit new souls...maybe there are All Kinds of Designs...maybe some souls come as Dedicated Groups ; as One all Seven Fall or Rise....those who rule..those who follow...those who will not bend...and some who hide..mysteries of animali..the loner who only care about his little pet mouse...and all the thumping and trumpeting ..widecast by electomaginetc webble ....the War of Signalii....and the quiet shadow and calm of billions of little houses...each housing mysterious entities..

the Luum Sinistre

mythos flimi

from origovium flows the will to harmonize delete and order..

in the snow..

shuffling snow...most I am more at ease with my condition...maybe even daring to contemplate old world saying; " those choosen for great adversity by the Gods , are also given certain compensations.."..

walking on the beach.....what a dream it might be ; " to be both rich and enlightened..".. out those things that calm the restless soul...take comfort in the creature comforts that are yours...or so it can be adviced by an old sage..

can God make a stone that is Too Heavy for Him to Lift?  Unfortunately he could...poor fool..