Tuesday, 21 May 2019

the bell sounds

In Warsaw the Bell of the city would call the free men and women to debate ..and decide on.. important issues ...and so in Poland there was a very early and lively system of participation .. ( or so I seem to remember reading in a history book i once kept in my bookcase )..

the Dispute of the Bucket between the Italian citystates of Modena and Bologna ..

each citystate like a little cosmos unto itself , sharing within itself a way of speaking and thinking ..

in my hometown i once heard Peruvian Sky Music..chiming..

better to not become blind by trying to fathom the Land of Wonder....see a Leaf there , hear a bumblebee buzz drunkenly by..If the future constricts into a problem..maybe more constructive to cultivate calm and composure..so that one can face the final flourish with a hiccup..


Sunday, 19 May 2019

the throne of Malumiel Logotheus

schizofrenetic again..

that thing with the eyes ( or.....Hidden Right Behind Nose)..

First....with palmback ( or Gentle Fingertips)  exert a Light but Insistent pressure upon closed eyes...eyelids...


Then....what do you Witness?

And Then...how do you explain what you witness?

Yes...Yes!! It is All Quite Cleaer Now!!  but why in Gods Name am I screaming?

americans are Quite Logical  ....a Logic of Power ....notice how One Mouthtube claims spiritual gewissenschaft...peppering it with Keywords or Phrases ...like "mastery of spiritual 
code" .... "Mystery subject to Method"....a Machine Logos cold and clear....You see ; americans Despise European well-fare solutions and Doubt and Shame....and how that Loving Grin shines inside when a European calls an american "stupid" or "dumb".....an Old Refined Custom in US to seem Less Clear than a foreigner....
but the codes were always there to be seen ; USA - United Satanic Adapti....or a Seed Implanted for the Transhumanist Future of Pain Amplifiers ; US - United Space..
transhumanism....we observe how Dissonance undermines Beauty....and Hatred chills Hope..to finally have a cloud of nanoboticons infuse cosmos with Method-Luum-Logo....to establish Equality With...if not even Mastery of..G O D....  oh how Beautiful it is when God weeps and submits...Just do not put that needle into the urinary tract of that young boy...and Man of Mind and Mud Commands the Most High to Serve....and God Obeys ...and Then,,,,Man of Mind begins Probing with the needle...and God Screams...That is how Man of Mind Commands Glorious God, so luminious in Spirit...yet so Utterly Impotent to Influence the world of Matter....where Infinite Spiritual Potency is bound into Shit and Stone and Plastic...

and Hope Dies....it goes right out the Kitchen Window..as they say....and all that is left is a certain Puzzlement...Oh Well....

Monday, 13 May 2019

Cosmic Coffee

Pouring the Cosmos into being..

Kypellio Javarifakious , greek philosopher , 77 BC ; -"so we consider Liquid to be the foundation of all living things ...but what Kind of Liquid ? surely a Most Sublime Liquid.. for why would sublime beings like the Gods work with anything less?

observing the pedestrians in the city of Kaveloz ; how fast they walk and talk..like dots bopping around on a blurry background ...what on earth is their Animating Principle? they move Too Fast , their speech like superheated soup of Information Double Plus ..could it be Something in the Blood?

One Creation Mythos might seem as good as the next ...perhaps the Cosmic Cow Audhumla licked some ice , salty and sweet..and uncovered the handle of the  Prime Percolator....and soon Meaning would Flow..

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Climbing and Clambering

the magician Abra Magana descending into yet another Bubble of Manifested Mania..

Fortunately his Celestial Luck Dog is with him on this dangerous mission..

Saturday, 23 March 2019

people in little houses

Two for Tea.....They had met some time ago via Machines that exchange Meaning..
Now they were comfortable in eachothers company , like two mittens in a basket..

The couple would sip tea and discuss the Origin of Souls ; do souls incarnate to work out issues with Other Souls they had met in previous incarnations? ( in a previous life your last word before departure was "tea leaf"..so now i am pouring you a cup of tea..and some kind of Cosmic Symmetry is satisfied..)

as he was leaving the store with a cup of coffee..the winter sun shone rays of warmth upon his cold face..

-" wonderful " he thought ... -" In this life I will do my best to be a Prophet of Subtility ..and Each Poetic Suggestion will allude to an Escape Door opening..Life will Find a Way .."

A Long Bench .. What a Wonder to see a Pigeon ...a different Life Form ...that is clear ...And here is Observer ; clearly breathing and sitting .. observing each Intake and each moment of Being ....this day sitting on Long Bench the Idea of Nothingness seems hard to grasp..

Forms and Eccenses shaped as they flow along the long passage of time ...Molded by unseen hands..and next to the long bench the house of a magician adds its own invisible radiation of corners and roof to the Etheral Now..

the benefits of being a Vedic Entity when you have many cats at home..